last updated 4/07/2002

Welcome, you have entered the world of Jutland Claymore the Scottish clydesdale and Slynky Otter.

For anyone who wants to link to me I'm providing a button for those who wants it.


WOW!! The Pittman colored the picture Lunarwolf did of me and one of my drawings as well. Currently has two more of my pics he wanted to color. So check that out in the gallery, I've also put up some more new stuff.

There has been some interest in purchasing prints so that is a new section I'm starting this update. So if I have anything you'd like to see a print let me know and I'll do my best to have it inked and ready for next time.

And thefursuit? There are some pictures and a small update in Slynky's page.

There's nothing worn under my kilt....everything is in fine working order!


Slynky's Fursuit




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